December 3, 2021

The Carabao Cup (English: Carabao Cup) is a knock-out cup competition. Organized by the English Football Association's EFL There are a total of 92 clubs eligible for the competition, 20 from the Premier League and 72 from the Football League. which is different from the FA Cup That is open for the club to compete with up to 762 teams. Teams that win each season. will have the right to compete in the UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round in case of not getting the rights from other ways before The current winning club The most recent Football League Cup (2020–21 season) was Manchester City. that can overcome Tottenham Hotspur go 1-0.

Final match

List of winners classified by club


First Round - A competition of 72 teams from the League Championship. League One and League Two which when there is always It will be overtime and maybe a penalty shootout. Unlike the FA Cup, it has to be played all over again. Second Round - Twelve teams from the Premier League that did not compete in the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League enter the competition Third Round - Eight Teams Compete in the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League enter the competition Round Four and Fifth - Single-Knock Out Match Semi-Finals - Two-legged matches, home and away Final - Single Match at Wembley Stadium

Main Sponsor of the Competition

Since 1982, the Football League Cup uses the name of the competition. According to the main sponsor of the competition as follows


Other Resources

EFL Cup website Results, 1960–1996 BBC News and RSSSF for audience information.

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