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August 13, 2022

Lee Yu-mi (Korean: 이유미; Born July 18, 1994) is a South Korean actor. best known for her role as G-young in Squid Game; 2021) and the role of Lee Na-yeon in Zombie High School (All of Us are Dead; 2022)


Lee Yu-mi was born on July 18, 1994 in Jeonju, South Korea.


Lee Yu-mi began her acting career in 2010 with her film debut, The Yellow Sea, an action thriller. In several subsequent movies and drama series, Lee Yu-mi has signed with Varo Entertainment. which was announced on September 28, 2020. In the year 2021, Lee Yu-mi rose to fame outside of South Korea for her role as Ji-young (number 240) in the drama series that aired on the net. Lix (Netflix) Squid Game after the series' success worldwide. The number of followers of Lee Yoo Mi's Instagram account has also increased from 40,000 to 250,000 in just three days in 2022. Lee Yoo Mi plays Lee Na Yeon in the drama. Zombie series All of Us Are Dead, her realistic performance as an arrogant, selfish, and evil rich student (a stark contrast to Ji-young from Squid Games) unselfish and sympathy for others) propelled her to fame. Along with the popularity she had previously gained from the Squid Games, Play and Die.



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