August 19, 2022

Meteorite (English: meteorite) is a space rock that has fallen to the surface of the Earth or planet. When in space, it is called asteroids (Asteroid) or meteors (Meteoriod) when entering the Earth's atmosphere moving at a high speed of about 40-70 km / s, there is a compression with the air in the Earth's atmosphere. make the air around Burning into a light called a meteor (Meteor) until it hits the ground and then called a meteorite. A small meteorite is a nearly completely burnt space rock. But for a large meteor, it's a space rock that hasn't been completely burned down, falling to Earth. and formed craters The types of meteorites are as follows: C-type carbon meteorites are dark in color. contains carbon S-type rock meteorites are composed of silica. M-type metal meteorites are composed of iron and nickel. There are also terrestrial meteorites from the Moon and Mars. In 1996 meteorite ALH84001 was discovered, a Martian flake that fell on Antarctic ice 65 million years ago. Massive meteorite crashes into Earth at Sikzulub, Yucatan Peninsula. Mexico make dinosaurs and other creatures a lot of extinction

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