November 27, 2021

Seppuku (Japanese: 切腹; Romachi: seppuku) or haragiri (Japanese: 腹切り; Romachi: harakiri) was a suicide by slaughter during the samurai era of Japan. Using a dagger stabbed in the abdomen under the right waist. slit to the left then pull the knife upwards This is the opening of the peritoneum and cutting the intestines. After that, another samurai from behind the seppuku performer uses a katana to cut off his head. to die this way believed to be an honorable death Most of the seppuku makers followed the Shinto principles inscribed in the Kojiki scriptures. Because they show courage and prove their ability to force their own minds. Excavation was used voluntarily to die with honorable samurai instead of falling into the hands of their enemies. The death penalty (and likely torture) was a form of death sentence for samurai who committed serious crimes or were executed, other reasons that have brought shame upon them. Submissive suicide is therefore considered a ceremony that is usually part of a more elaborate ritual, and therefore it should be performed as a need for people to understand their need for dignity. Come and watch while making the seppuku. In Japan, the word "haragiri" or "hara-kiri" is considered vulgar and disrespectful to the perpetrators of the seppuku. And the kanji of these two words are written the same by alternating the front and back.


"The Fine Art of Seppuku".

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