Shehbaz Sharif


May 28, 2022

Miyan Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif (Punjab and Urdu: میاں محمد شہباز شریف‎, pronounced: [miˈãː mʊˈɦəmːəd̪ ʃɛhˈbaːz ʃəˈriːf]; Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, born September 23, 1951, is a politician). The 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan since April 11, 2022, Sharif is the head of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) party and served three terms as the Punjab sect Leader. It is considered the longest in the history of the region. Shehbaz is the younger brother of Nawaz Sharif, the three-term former president of Pakistan. Shehbaz was elected to the Punjab Legislative Council in 1988 and to the National Legislative Assembly in 1990, before being reelected to the Punjab Legislative Council in 1993 and appointed as the Chief of Opposition Punjab He was previously elected Chancellor of Punjab. The most populous region of Pakistan For the first time on February 20, 1997, after the 1999 coup, Shehbaz and his family took refuge in Saudi Arabia. He returned to Pakistan in 2007 and was appointed Punjab Chancellor for a second term after his party PML-N won in the 2008 Punjab general election. He was elected Chancellor of Punjab for a third term in the 2013 elections and held that position until he lost in the 2018 election while serving as Regional Chancellor. He has a reputation for being a skilled and dedicated executive. He has also initiated many infrastructure projects in Punjab. and his team was recognized for their efficiency. Kehbaz was named party leader after his brother, Nawaz Sharif, was stripped of office due to a spate of documents.