Date Metal


October 20, 2021

Death metal, a sub-genre of extreme metal, is a genre characterized by heavy guitar twists. the use of harsh vocalizations with a low, roaring voice, and using fast beats and melodies. drum beat and has a complex music structure with changing the rhythm of the music back and forth Much of the music content is associated with all sorts of violent, negative content. Such as stories about blood, corpses, murder, torture, massacre, rape, cannibalism, etc. There are also stories about politics, religion, myths, magic, satanic cults, in some parts as well. Thrash metal focuses on the overall fast and heavy beat of metal music. and black metal in the 1980s, where the rhythm is fast like a thrash but the structure of the guitar riff is unclear. Some of the earliest pioneers and later influences in dating metal include Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer and Cleator. Until later, bands that started this genre were born, such as Possessions and Dates, as well as Obituri, Ottopia and Morbid Angels. Which is regarded as a true pioneer in this line. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, date metal began to have music labels that included the date metal bands Earache Records and Roadrunner Records. Breaking into other genres, date metal is considered one of the most extreme and unpopular in the mainstream. It can also be said to be the heaviest of all the musical genres that exist today. Most of the date metal bands have both record labels and

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