Dave Jam Recordings


October 18, 2021

Def Jam Recordings is an American record label. focusing on hip hop artists It is owned by Universal Music Group. in the UK The record label will be called Dave Jam UK and run through Virgin EMI Records, while in Japan it will be called Dave Jam Japan and run through Universal Music. Six Japan The label also has a number of labels under the label, including Kanye West's Good Music, Ludacris' Disturbinga Peace, and ARTium Recordings. of NOI.D.

Launch in Thailand branch

Dave Jam Thailand Performed through Universal Music Thailand Parinya Inthachai or Daboyway, a member of the Thaitanium band. Has signed a contract in the first camp on May 23, 2019, released the single "Wan Ai" to the public officially. and released a solo album "Daboyway" on March 7, 2020. and featuring artist-producer Zigga Rice (Ziggavoy and Stickyrice Killah), rapper ARTRILLA and TARVETHZ. Currently, Dave Jam Thailand There is a project Def Jam Thailand Compilation Vol. 1 that gathers leading Thai rappers to join the project. and was released on September 11, 2020

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