free content


October 18, 2021

Free content refers to a work that can be exploited, works of art, or any other form of creative work. which is in accordance with the definition of free content This means that the content must not have significant legal restrictions associated with the freedom to use, distribute copies, adapt and distribute modified works. Free content is different from "Open content" is that free content can be modified. Free content covers all works that are in the public domain and also includes copyrighted works that are licensed and promote the aforementioned liberties. This is because copyright laws in many countries implicitly grant copyright holders exclusive rights over their work. Therefore, copyrighted material must be clearly declared free. This is most often a reference or insertion of a license from within the work. Although works that are in the public domain due to the expiration of copyright protection are considered free content. But that content may return to "Copyright" again if the copyright law is amended.


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