May 28, 2022

A submarine is a warship that can operate while under the surface. Constructed of steel but capable of maneuvering under water, submarines are used in warfare and deep-sea exploration in areas where humans cannot dive in just a wetsuit. With special features that are superior to other vehicles. It has been able to survive both on the surface and underwater since 1620 when the first submarine was built. At the time, the submarine had a capacity of only 12, dived to a depth of only 4.5 meters and traveled only 8 kilometers underwater before reaching the surface. Today, submarines can hold up to 150 people and can stay underwater for months. with such a large size that it can hold so many people How does a submarine manage to submerge itself and return to the surface? Submarines are designed to be able to stay in deep water. with a hull designed to have double walls It is part that allows the crew to remain in the ship normally. even at the depths and can last for a long time until there is not enough air and food. Today, submarines are in widespread use. We built a small submarine capable of diving to great depths. To perform some specific tasks such as exploring ancient shipwrecks, laying underwater cables, finding traces of earthquakes. and the study of marine life This allows humans to access the underwater world that we have never experienced before.


Early Submarines

According to a note in the Opusculum Taisnieri published in 1562: Two Greeks submerged and surfaced in the river Tagus near the City of Toledo several times in the presen.