Russian cruiser Moscow


May 28, 2022

Moscow (Russian: Москва, literal: 'Moscow'), formerly Slava (Russian: Слава, literal: 'glorious'), is a Russian Navy naval cruiser. It was the lead ship of Project 1164 Atlant and named after Moscow, Moscow was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. and led a naval attack during the 2022 invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has a crew of 510 and is one of the strongest surface ships in the Moscow region. Sunk on April 14, 2022 while in the Black Sea. Ukrainian government officials and the US Defense Office Claims that Ukraine bombed Moscow with two destroying missiles. while the Russian Defense Ministry claimed a fire aboard the ship. This caused the gunpowder on the ship to explode. The Russian Navy attempted to haul the ship back ashore at Sevastopol, but it sank before reaching the port of Moscow, the largest warship to be sunk since the end of World War II.


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