October 14 incident


October 20, 2021

The incident of October 14 (1973) or Maha Vayok Day was a violent crackdown on protesters on Ratchadamnoen Road by the government of Prime Minister Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn, until 77 people were killed, more than 857 people were injured and there were still a number of missing people. a lot The protests took place for a number of reasons: Thailand had been under a military dictatorship for nearly 15 years since Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, along with news of several corruption in the government. Including the coup itself in 1971 news of poaching in the national park. Leading to calls for a democratic constitution, "The Secret Memoirs from the Big Field" was published, causing interest among the people. leading to a walk to distribute leaflets of students in Bangkok Between October 6-9, political activists and members of the House of Representatives were arrested by the military. These people, later known as the "13 Constitutional Rebellion," caused a massive protest starting on October 9 at Thammasat University. to a protest march on Ratchadamnoen Road Hundreds of thousands of people gradually joined in. On October 13, Field Marshal Thanom's government announced that it accepted the protesters' demands to draft a constitution. causing some of the protesters to disintegrate. However, on October 14, 1973, some protesters traveled to the Grand Palace to meet with the King's representative. Once settled, bombs exploded near the Grand Palace and violent crackdowns began with the mobilization of tanks and helicopters. The protests grew to about 500,000, until the security forces withdrew in the evening.

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