Fire at Tangeran Prison


October 19, 2021

Fire at Tangeran Prison It was a fire in a block of prisons filled with prisoners in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. which is in Greater Jakarta The fire started around 1:45 WIB on September 8, 2021 (18:45 UTC, Sept. 7) in a Sector C prison, killing 44 and injuring 77. This is the deadliest fire since the 2017 Tangerang fireworks disaster that killed at least 49 people.


Some prisoners were killed during the fire. The fire killed 44 inmates (three died at the hospital the day after the blaze), 8 were seriously injured due to burn injuries and 73 were lightly injured. The injured victim was taken to Sitanala Hospital and Tangerang Regency General Hospital, and the deceased inmate was taken to the Central Police Hospital for further investigation. Most of the deceased inmates were held in custody for drug-related crimes. while others were jailed for terrorism and murder. Two of the deceased inmates were foreigners: one from South Africa and the other from Portugal (20). All wounded inmates were found guilty of drug-related offenses.


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