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December 3, 2021

Ace Combat (Japanese: エースコンバット; Romaji: Ēsu Konbatto) is a fighter pilot simulation arcade-style video game franchise, primarily developed by Bandai Namco Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The development team within Bandai Namco is responsible for the game Ace Combat, also known as Project Ace. As of 2018, the Ace Combat franchise has sold more than 14 million copies, making it a franchise. The sixth best-selling Bandai Namco, behind the franchises Tekken, Pac-Man, Gundam, Tails and Super Robot Taisen. Most of the games in the series take place in a fictional world with detailed fictional countries based on real-life locations, events and wars. One of the set's main selling points is the ability to pilot a range of fighter jets with accurate or slightly modified variations of today's military aircraft, prototypes that never saw actual combat and superweapons, and A completely supervisor-type boss, long-standing fans of the series are rewarded with a small hint of continuity between games as certain characters and events are referenced from game to game.

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Ezkombat has continued to be successful in advertising, with Ezkombat 7: Skys Anon being its most successful game, with more than three sold in 2021 following. With Ace Combat 04: Chattered Skys and Air Combat, the game sold well in North America and Japan. More than 75% of its revenue came from the series in 2008. Combined, the Aircombat franchise has sold more than 17 million.



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