FA Cup


December 3, 2021

For FA Cup events in other countries, see FA Cup (disambiguation). The FA Cup is a knock-out, knock-out football cup competition organized by the English Football Association (FA). Founded in 1872, there are currently 762 football clubs involved. There will be football clubs of various levels participating in the competition. The clubs at the lower level of English football will compete in qualifiers in a knock-out stage first. High-league clubs compete in the later stages, for example League One and League Two clubs compete in the first round at the end of qualifying. while Premier League clubs will join the competition in the third round.

Final match

A. ^ Year 1923 The official audience was 126,047, but the actual audience is believed to be between 150,000 - 300,000.

List of winners classified by club


Other Resources

official website The FA Cup Archive – England's official Football Association site, all results with dates, including all qualifying rounds. Thomas Fattorini Ltd. makers of the 1911 FA Cup – manufacturers of the 1911 FA Cup and other sporting trophies. FA Cup going under the hammer – BBC News story on the sale of the second trophy

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