southeast asia


July 3, 2022

Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia or Southeast Asia It is a sub-region of the Asian continent. Consists of countries which the north is next to China. west of india East borders Papua New Guinea. and south of Australia This region is the only region in Asia with some territory in the Southern Hemisphere. Southeast Asia is divided into two geographical regions: mainland southeast asia known as Indochina Peninsula and in the past that Indochina included Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, West Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. southeast asia ocean known as The Malay Archipelago and formerly Nusantara include the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India), Brunei, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia (except West New Guinea in Oceania), the Philippines and Singapore. The junction of several continental plates that are still experiencing intense seismicity and volcanic eruptions. The most important plate is the Sunda Plate, which occupies all parts of the Southeast Asian country except Burma and northern Thailand. northern Laos and Vietnam and the Philippines' Luzon Island mountains in myanmar Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia are part of the Alps-Himalayan line. The Philippine archipelago is part of the Ring of Fire. Indonesia is where the two mountain ranges meet, causing frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Southeast Asia covers 4.5 million square kilometers, accounting for 10.5% of Asia and 3% of the world's land area. with a total population of more than 641 million people or