Mac OS


August 19, 2022

Mac OS (English: macOS), previously known as Mac OS X (English: Mac OS X) until 2011 and OS X (English: OS X) until 2016, is the latest operating system in the MacOS family. for Macintosh computers First released in 2001, it consists of two main parts: Darwin Core, which is an open source Unix environment. And the user interface is Aqua (Aqua), which is the copyright of Apple. Apple has also created an improved version of the Mac OS. To be used in Apple's 4 devices, namely Apple TV, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the iPhone and iPod Touch will use a version of the Mac OS called iOS, which is the operating system that is modified. There will be only what is necessary. Drivers and other unnecessary components will be removed.

Information of Mac OS Versions

first name

In the previous OS X name period, the letter "X" was the Roman numeral ten. and pronounced "ten" (Ten, meaning "ten" in English), denoting the successor to the previous MacOS 9. The letter X also represents Unix ( UNIX) built-in operating system too. Apple itself has three ways to name a Mac OS 10. Mac OS X v10.4 only states the model number (note: the letter v is always required). Mac OS X Tiger only tells code in development. Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" tells both the version number and the development code, noting that the development code is based on the name Tiger, up to OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion". But since 2013, OS X has taken its name from the tiger family. Become a tourist attraction California, starting with OS X Mavericks first, and then running all the way to OS X El Capitan. Subsequently, at WWDC 2016, the company