October 18, 2021

Nociception (English: nociception or nocioception or nociperception) is "a neural process that encodes and process dangerous triggers." By starting with the work of the imported nerve fibers. and occurs in both the peripheral and central nervous systems Because of the potential stimulus Damage to tissues/body, the work begins at the nociceptor. (which is sometimes incorrectly referred to as pain sensors) that can detect mechanical, thermal, or chemical changes above the nociceptor threshold and when it reaches this limit The nociceptor then sends a signal to the spinal cord and then to the brain. It is the process that initiates the autonomic responses of many autonomic nervous systems and may cause subjective pain. in animals that can sense Nociceptors form a procession of work potentials in response to dangerous triggers. and the frequency of that work potential procession It will indicate the danger level of the actuator.

Dangerous trigger detection

Nociceptors, which are nerve endings in the skin and inside other parts of the body, such as the membranes of bones or joints. Mechanical, thermal and/or chemical actuators can be detected. Nociceptor density varies throughout the body. But there are more in the skin than in the deep. All nociceptors are the ends of the input nerve fibers. The cell body is located in the dorsal root ganglia or in the trigeminal ganglia. The nociceptor will only start when the actuator reaches the nociceptor threshold level. and then create a work potential by sending it along the axon of the cell to the spinal cord

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