Foucia Kufi


January 24, 2022

Fawzia Koofi (Persian: فوزیه کوفی‎, Fawzia Koofi; Born 1975) is an Afghan politician and women's rights activist. Former Member of the Afghan House of Representatives from Badakhshan Constituency and former chairman of the National Legislative Assembly

Early life

Kufi's father was a member of parliament for 25 years before his death following the end of the First Afghan-Soviet War (1979–89). He was killed by the Mujahideen. Growing up in a polygamy (7) family, Kufi was often neglected by her parents because she was a woman. when she was born Left out in the sun by her mother in hopes of dying, Kufi successfully persuaded her parents to send her to school. She was the only woman in the house who had educational opportunities. She wanted to study medicine but had to give up after Taliban rule in 1996 and banned women from having access to school. After the Taliban was overthrown in 2001, she returned to school. and graduated in Business Administration from Preston University in Pakistan.

Political career

Kufi entered politics in 2001 after the Taliban was overthrown. She supported and advocated for girls' education. From 2002 to 2004, Kufi worked with UNICEF as a Child Protection Officer from violence in the 2005 parliamentary elections. Afghanistan's House of Representatives Lower House of the National Legislative Assembly from Badakhchan constituency She is also the vice-president of the Legislative Council. She is Afghanistan's first female deputy legislator. and was elected

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