May 28, 2022

Smallpox, or smallpox, is a highly contagious disease caused by the smallpox virus (Variolar), characterized by a rash on the body. and have severe general symptoms The disease spread in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ethiopia in 1976. Thailand recorded its last outbreak in 1961. The World Health Organization has stopped vaccination since 1970.

Epidemic history

In the 16th century, when white people from the West traveled to the New World in Mesoamerica, Smallpox brought severe epidemic to indigenous South American Indians. When General Cortez led his troops to invade the Aztec empire, smallpox soldiers spread smallpox. to the indigenous people, causing hundreds of thousands of indigenous peoples who are not immune to disease The loss of such a large number of people contributed to the subsequent collapse of the Aztec Empire. Smallpox is scientifically known as variola major. The word variola comes from the Latin word varus, which means blister, because 200 years ago when someone had this disease, 20-40% of people died. As for those who have recovered, they will have scars on their bodies and faces. The history of the United States has recorded that George Washington, the first president of the United States. In his youth, he had chickenpox. So he had to fight the disease and the British soldiers along the way. And when he realized he had the disease, he immediately ordered all soldiers in the army to undergo vaccination. As a result, his army eventually defeated the enemy, and Thomas Jefferson recorded that his fleeing slaves joined the British army. Many had chickenpox, and in 1763 British troops gave Indians a blanket of chickenpox at Fort Pitt for the first time.