Laurie Jean Du Monde


January 24, 2022

L'Origine du monde (French: L'Origine du monde; "The Origin of the World") is an oil on canvas by French artist Gustave Courbet. Written in 1866, it depicts a close-up of a woman with her vulva and stomach naked spreading her legs on a bed.


The identity of the model in the picture

The identity of the model in the picture has always been of interest to art historians. Most believe that the model is Joan Hiffernan or Joe, the Courbet model's favorite. which is the love interest of James Whistler, an American artist and friend of Courbet. Hiffernan had appeared as a model in Courbet's four-drawn series Joe La Belleirelandace ("Joe the Irish Beauty"), written in 1865–1866. Most likely, she will be the model in the picture. There are also speculations that she may have an affair with Courbet. This led to the severance between Courbet and Whistler shortly thereafter. However, it was noted that she was a red-haired woman. Therefore, there should be no black genital hair as seen in the picture. Laurie Jean Du Monde In February 2013, Parimat reported that Jean-Jacques Fernier, an expert on Courbet, had Specifies that the painting is the upper part of the image can be verified. Laurie Jean Du Monde Some have stated that this was the same image before they were separated. Fernier concluded the study after two years. and proposed to include the upper part of the image in Courbei's Rasone Catalogue in the next issue. While the Orsay Museum, which is the venue for the exhibition, said that Laurie Jean du Monde It's not part of a larger image. The Daily Telegraph reported that "experts from the Kara Research Center

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