Thai Siam


July 3, 2022

Siamese people (English: Siamese) or Thai people in the central region Generally refers to the Tai ethnic group living in the central and southern regions of Thailand. Most of them practice Buddhism. followed by Islam and Christianity. in the ethnic sense Specifically used for Thai people in the central and southern regions of Thailand. or Tai ethnic groups outside the aforementioned areas that have direct cultural ties, such as Tai Korat, Yodaya people, Tanintharyi Thais, Thai Koh Kong, but in the sense of state nationalism, including other Tai ethnicities inside and outside the kingdom With such as Thai Isan, Thai Yuan, Thai of Chinese descent, Thai of Persian descent, Thai of Khmer descent, Thai of Malay descent, Thai of Mon descent, etc.


The population living in central Thailand today comes from a mix of Tai and other ethnic groups, both indigenous peoples of the region and new immigrants. The La Loubert archives indicate that foreigners referred to this group as Siamese. But the Siamese called themselves Tai Noi. Subsequently, Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram issued an announcement of the Prime Minister's Office. on stateism Using the name of the country, the people and the nationality on June 24, 1939 to call the people Thai. Later on August 2, the Office of the Prime Minister was announced. On Stateism, No. 3, titled Thai people Stop calling to divide Thai people into many groups, such as Northern Thai, Northeastern Thai, Southern Thai, Thai Islam, but use the word Thai for all Thai people without discrimination.

People of ethnicity - Thai nationality abroad

Most Thais live in Thailand, although some Thais can be found in other parts of Southeast Asia, around 51–5.