Final Fantasy II


October 20, 2021

Final Fantasy II (Japanese: ファイナルファンタジーII; English: Final Fantasy II) is an RPG game produced by Square Company (now Square Enix) for consoles Famicom. of Nintendo For the first time the characters of this series of games It was assigned to have its own name and story. And there are also many stories that have to switch between friends in the group all the time. made success in that era It also featured the characters of the Final Fantasy series Sid and Jokobo as well, later remakes for Game Boy Advance (GBA) alongside the first game. as the 2004 and 2006 Final Fantasy I-II Advance game, and 2007 for the PlayStation Portable as well as the latest version for the Weaver system. console on June 16, 2009.

Game system

The game system in this sector is still the same as in Final Fantasy I, both weapon trading system. protector Magic can still be obtained by purchasing money as usual. The combat system still takes turns attacking one turn against the enemy as before. What has changed is the leveling up of the characters. In this sector, the level has been cut off. But the character can be developed with the aptitude system instead. If the character does something often That aptitude will increase. For example, if you use a sword often The ability to use swords will also increase. If you use magic often Mental value will increase. (This system was later used in the Saga Frontier games later)




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