May 28, 2022

Microsoft (English: Microsoft ; NASDAQ: MSFT) is one of the world's largest software manufacturers and developers. has a production base at City of Redmond, Washington State, United States of America by Microsoft's products that are the most marketable. Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office operating systems The company's starting point was the development and release of a BASIC translator. For the Atair 8800 after this, Microsoft began to influence home computer users. By the release of the Microsoft operating system DOS in the mid 1980s in the production line of Microsoft Windows, which has been popular with computer users as well. One critic said of Microsoft's initial goal: Office computers turned to Microsoft software. Microsoft has begun dominating other software markets, with Microsoft owning MSNBC (cable TV business), MSN (internet business), and Ncarta. r (Online encyclopedia business) The company also operates computer hardware products such as mice and entertainment devices such as Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Zoon and MSN TV. in the stock market The share price of Microsoft is stable. Microsoft has assets of about $40 billion (about $1.4 trillion) and profits of about $12 billion (about $42 billion). began to be the object of criticism. Including the beginning of competition in the field of privilege and resistance to business operations and actions.