Microsoft Windows


May 28, 2022

Microsoft Windows (English: Microsoft Windows) is an operating system. developed by Microsoft It was launched in 1985 (1985 by the first version of Windows was Windows 1.0) and dominated the personal computer market. More than 90 percent of global use A brief description of the different versions of Windows, arranged in order of release, is as follows:

Windows History

Windows 1.0 – 2.0

Windows 1.0 is the first operating environment of Windows. Officially released on November 20, 1985, there are 16-bit operating environments known as Operating Environments because Windows 1.0 is not capable of running on its own. A separate specific operating system is required. (The operating system is DOS), which Windows will act only in contact with the user. When the user enters any command Windows will go to call various functions from DOS when the results come out. Windows will display results to the user one more time. Simple can be called an operating system. But it's the front end renderer of DOS. That will help users to use the computer easier than contacting DOS directly. and since the first version Windows is a competitor to Macintosh, a similar product from the company. Apple Computer, but in the beginning, the image of the competition was not clear. Windows 1.0 Windows 2.0 was released on November 1, 1987. 2.0 also relies on DOS. But has a lot more capabilities compared to 1.0, such as being able to open multiple programs stacked together and having Microsoft Word (Word) and Excel (Excel) and has Minimize, Maximize and other hotkeys First up, Windows 2.0 hasn't been very successful, but it's considered