August 19, 2022

iOS (formerly known as iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system. (Smartphones, tablet computers) Developed and sold by Apple (the company) was first released in 2007 for use on the iPhone. and has been further developed for use on other Apple mobile devices such as iPod Touch (in September 2007), iPad (in January 2010), iPad Mi New (November 2012) and Apple TV 2nd Generation (September 2010) iOS differs from Microsoft's Windows Phone and Android. (operating system) of Google Apple doesn't allow iOS to be installed on non-Apple devices. As of August 2013, Apple's app store had more than 2.1 million applications and 1 million apps designed for iPads. iOS accounted for 28% of the mobile operating system share in Q3 2018, behind only Google's Android. In June 2012, iOS accounted for 65% of mobile data consumption (including iPod Touch and iPad). In mid-2012, there were more iOS devices. 410 million devices activated According to Apple's press release on September 12, 2012, there were 400 million iOS devices sold as of June 2012. ) of iOS is based on the concept of "direct manipulation" using multi-touch The control element is the use of finger slides, switches, and buttons to control the device as well as other gestures such as bringing a finger (more than two), pinch it towards the center.