October 15


October 18, 2021

October 15th is the 288 day of the year (289 in leap years) in the zoomed solar calendar. As of today, there are still 77 days left in that year.


1582 - The date of the introduction of the Gregorian calendar. which was invented to replace the Julian calendar In Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain, October 4 this year is followed by October 15. 1990 - Mikhail Gorbachev, Russian leader, is announced to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. As an important role in reducing Cold War tensions and open up more countries 1997 - United States NASA Send Cassini into space to explore Saturn. 2003 - China's space program: The People's Republic of China sends Shenzhou 5 with its first astronauts into space. Shenzhou 5 orbits the Earth 14 times, with It takes 21 hours before returning to Earth.


1708 - Temur Khan 1701 - Saint Marie-Marguerite Deuvie, Canadian Catholic priest 1863 - Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Prince Busaban Buaphan (died 1 June 1939) 1879 (1879) - Jane Darwell, American actress (died August 13, 1967) Sara Allgood, Irish actress (died 13 September 1950) 1893 - King Carol II of Romania (died 4 April 1953) Her Royal Highness Prince Uruphong Ratchasomphot (died 20 September 1909) 1920 - Mario Puzo, American author (author of The Godfather) (died July 2, 1999). 1931 - Abdul Kalam, scientist and 11th President of India (died 27 July 2015). 1948 - Renato Corona, President of the Supreme Court

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