Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan


August 13, 2022

Composers' Union of the Republic of Tatarstan is a public organization - creative union of professional composers and music specialists of the Republic of Tatarstan. The main goals of the association are: to develop and enrich the musical traditions of the Republic of Tatarstan; providing conditions for creating highly professional works; care for the development of various musical genres; active participation in spiritual and social life; conducting concerts, festivals, competitions, conferences; Participation in republican, Russian and international festivals and competitions.


The Union of Composers of the Republic of Tatarstan was founded in 1939. Najip Zhiganov (chairman), Alexander Klyucharyov, Mansur Mozaffarov are members of the Organizational Committee of the Union. On February 2, 1940, at the meeting of the organizing committee, composers Vasily Vinogradov, Yuriy Vinogradov, Najip Zhiganov, Alexander Klyucharyov, Mansur Mozaffarov, Salih Saidashev, Dzhudat Faizi, Zahit Khabibullin, Farid Yarullin and music specialist Kh. Teregulova participates. According to the archived "Summary of the activities of the Union of Soviet Composers of Tatarstan (1940-1947)", in just 7 years, 10 operas, 4 ballets, 3 musical comedies, 3 symphonies, 2 string quartets, several cantatas and suites, 2 concerts, 150 too much mass singing is organized. According to the report, Najip Zhiganov's opera "Ildar" staged in Kazan in 1942 was the first Soviet opera on the theme of the Great Patriotic War. During the 1950s and 1960s, the development of the Composers organization was observed. In 1956-1961, the report on the work of the Union of Composers of the Tatarstan ASSR noted that in 1956, the union united 17 composers and music experts, and in 1961 they numbered 25, 20 of whom had a higher musical education. Leaders of the Union of Composers of Tatarstan are always composers - great music-public figures. After the establishment of the creative organization until 1977, its chairman was Najip Zhiganov. From 1977 to 1989, the Union was headed by Mirsaet Yarullin. Since 1989, chairman of the board - People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, laureate of international competitions, laureate of the Dmitry Shostakovich Prize of the Union of Composers of Russia, Union of Russian Composers.