August 8, 2022

Istari (q.v. Istari, "wizards"), or magicians (English Wizards) - in the legendarium of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, this was the name of the Maiar, who arrived in Eriador around the year 1000 of the Third Age by order of the Valar. In some works, Tolkien indicates that some mages arrived in Middle-earth during the Second Age (see Blue Mages). The author often changed his opinion about whether Istar all arrived at once on the same ship, or whether they arrived with intervals of tens (or even hundreds) of years, so it is almost impossible to say for sure. Istar were united in the Order of Mages (q. Heren Istarion). The exact number of members of the Order is unknown, but among those who came to the north of Middle-earth, the main ones were five: Kurumo (Kurunir, Saruman) - White mage, was sent to Aule and was considered the head of the Order. Alatar is the Blue Mage, was sent by Orome. Ivandil (Radagast) - Brown mage, was taken to help Kurumo at Yavanna's request. Pallando - A blue mage, Alathar's friend, was taken in by him to help him. Olorin (Gandalf, Mithrandir) - Gray (later - White) mage, Niena's servant, was sent to Manwe. See also White Council Mayar Ainur Valar