January 22, 2022

Motorway (motorway, motorway) - a type of highway designed and built for high-speed traffic, which has no intersections on the same level with other transport facilities, where inbound and outbound traffic flows are regulated, and lanes in opposite directions are physically separated to prevent frontal collisions. Adjustment here should not be understood as a traffic light or by a certain person (for example, a street controller), but as the fact that entry or exit from the highway can be done only through ramps and transition lanes that allow you to adjust the speed of the car to traffic speed. highway. Motorways provide unimpeded traffic without traffic lights and without direct access to the entrance to the territory adjacent to the highway. The only exceptions are exits to the territory of facilities and services that directly serve the highway, such as road service stations. Intersections with other roads, railways, footpaths are made exclusively at different levels, so traffic flows do not intersect. This dramatically increases traffic safety. The first highways appeared in the early 20th century. In 1924, Italy opened the Autostrada dei Laghi (now the A8), connecting Milan and Varese. The first motorway connecting Bonn and Cologne was soon built in Germany. Highways spread rapidly in Europe and America. England was one of the last developed countries to introduce such roads (Preston By-pass, 1958).


The main document for the design and construction of roads in Ukraine - DBN B.2.3-4 - gives the following definition of the highway: This definition is practically repeated in the Rules of the Road of Ukraine. It does not fully correlate with highway standards in other countries. For example, in the United States and Canada, there may be no barrier fencing if the lanes are separated by a wide ditch. And fencing on the roadsides is usually provided only on high embankments or to protect cars from collisions with buildings (bridge supports, foundations of road signs, etc.). Authorities

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