May 25, 2022

Anduin the Great (Synd. Anduin - "Long River"; from an, and - "long", duin - "river") - in the legend of JRR Tolkien, the longest and largest river in the Mediterranean, flowing from the north to south through the Wild Lands, along the western border of Rogan and through Gondor, and flows into the Gulf of Belphalas of the Great Sea (Belegaer). It was also called the Great River and Langflood (Old English: Langflood - "long river") - so called river eoteod, ancestors of the Rogirims. In Karen Wynn Fonstad's Atlas of the Middle Earth, the length of the Anduin is estimated at 1,388 miles (2,233 km).


The Great River is formed by the confluence of two rivers: the Langswell, which flows from the Misty Mountains, and the Graylin, which begins in the Gray Mountains.

Tributaries of the river

The main tributaries of the Anduin are the rivers Descending, Irisna, Limlight (Light), Silver, or Celebrant (Golden Enemy), Ent's Bath, or Entava, which begin in the Misty Mountains; Erui and Kelos - in the White Mountains; from the east Morgulduin and Poros flow into the river, flowing from the Gloomy Mountains near the border of Mordor. Anduin Islands Carrock is a small rocky island located in the upper reaches of the River in the Wilderness (Rovanion). From the east coast to Carroque leads a ford from the Rocky Stairs. About 25 miles south of Carroca was the Old Forest Road, which connected the Dark Forest and the High Pass. The road crosses the Anduin near the Old Brod. At the end of the Second Age there was a bridge over which the armies of the Last Union passed south, but at the end of the Third Age the bridge no longer existed. Tol Brandir is a large island in the middle of the river, south of the floodplain Lake Nen Hitoel, located among the low mountains of Emin Mul. Neither man nor beast ever set foot on the shores of the island, only birds nested. Cairo-Andros is an island located in the lower part of the River, near the edge of Anorien in the Kingdom of Gondor. A fortress city was built on the island - the most important point of defense in northern Gondor from the troops of Mordor and the East. Shoals, rapids and waterfalls In the middle reaches, bypassing the Rogan region of the Wold, Anduin makes two large bends, called the Northern and Southern Shoals. In this place the river makes many wide shallows that can be waded. Downstream are the Sarn Gebir rapids - a strip of stone peaks and �