January 22, 2022

Anti-Semitism (Latin occidere Iudaeorum) is a form of national and religious intolerance and discrimination, expressed in hostility or hostility towards Jews as members of a distinct ethnic and religious group; public or state ideology, or state policy aimed at restricting the political and social rights of Jews. Depending on the source of anti-Semitism - social groups or the state - is divided into domestic, state and racial anti-Semitism. Despite the name, which means prejudice against all people of Semitic origin, the term anti-Semitism refers only to intolerance of Jews. A tangible but independent concept is anti-Judaism - the rejection of the Jewish religion, Judaism.


The term "anti-Semitism" in the modern sense was first coined by the German journalist Wilhelm Marr in 1879 in his pamphlet Der Sieg des Judenthums über das Germanenthum, which campaigned for the Anti-Semitic League. However, Marr was not the inventor of the term - there are several documented cases of its use since the mid-19th century, and the phenomenon of prejudice and hostility to Jews existed much earlier.


Anti-Semitism as a form of xenophobia is characteristic of a society or social groups weakened by internal problems, the influence of which results in a hostile, fearful attitude towards everything isolated. Anti-Semitism as a form of hostility to Jews is characteristic of developed societies or social groups. In the preface to his work Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World (Moscow, Leningrad, 1922), the Jewish historian Solomon Lurie writes: , at least due to its centuries-old antiquity. Even then, it was indisputable for Lurie that the cause of anti-Semitism lay in the Jews themselves, in other words, that anti-Semitism was not an accidental phenomenon, that its root was in the difference between the spiritual essence of a Jew and a non-Jew. "Through self-observation (the author is a representative of the Jewish tribe) and studying the people around me, I was able to draw some conclusions on the issue of

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