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July 5, 2022

Arcade (English arcade) is a common term in the video game industry that refers to games with deliberately primitive gameplay. Some resources about video games distinguish them as a separate genre and include platformers. In world practice, games for arcade gaming machines are called arcades. This is not considered a separate genre of games, but a game direction. A video game is called "arcade" if it is directly ported from a slot machine or is similar in concept to slot machine games. For example, arcade games include all projects of the "fighting" genre, part of the "racing" genre games, and part of the "shooter" genre games. They never include role-playing games, simulators (except for the so-called "Dancing Simulators"), strategies. Most often, arcades are directly opposed to simulators. For example, if we are talking about the "racing" genre, then its individual representatives can be "arcades", "simulators", or (most often) something in between. Need for Speed ​​racing (except Porsche, ProStreet, Shift series) is a typical example of arcade, while GTR is a simulator. Arcades in the traditional sense of the word are practically not released on PC (one of the exceptions is Guilty Gear XX), hence the confusion in terminology. Arcade games are most common on game consoles (including portable ones) and, of course, arcade machines.

The first arcade games

The first slot machines worked after inserting coins or tokens. The earliest arcade machines used a mechanical score, and only in 1970 did an electronic one appear. The first arcade game of this type was Galaxy Game, developed in 1971. The game debuted at Stanford University but was never used commercially. In the same year, the first commercial game Computer Space appeared, but the game was difficult to understand.

Types of arcades

They should not be confused with arcade slot machine games.

Arcade racing

Arcade racing is characterized by extremely primitive and extremely simplified gameplay, which has nothing to do with reality, control and behavior of cars. Wacky Wheels Street Racing Syndicate

Classic arcades

The essence of classic arcades (English Classic Arcade) is quite difficult to explain. Usually the main goal is to complete the level in the shortest possible time,