Bakhchisaray Peace Treaty


January 22, 2022

The Bakhchisarai Peace Treaty of 1681 or the Bahçesaray Peace Treaty (Russian: Бахчисарайский мирный договор; Turkish: Bahçesaray Antlaşması; —1681. At the conclusion of the treaty on the part of Moscow was present Secretary General of the Zaporozhian Army Semyon Rakovich. The treaty was concluded for a period of 20 years and ended the wars of the 1670s between these states for possession of the lands of the Right Bank of Ukraine. Under this agreement: the border between the Ottoman Empire and the Muscovite state was established along the Dnieper, the sultan and khan undertook not to help the enemies of Muscovy; The Ottoman Empire annexed the southern Kyiv region, Bratslav region and Podillya, and the Moscow state - the Left Bank Ukraine, Kyiv with the towns of Vasylkiv, Stayky, Trypillya, Radomyshl, Didivshchyna. Zaporozhye formally became independent. The Moscow Empire agreed to provide the khan with an annual "treasury"; for 20 years the area between the Dnieper and the Bug was due to the lack of construction of new fortresses and fortifications; Cossacks received the right to fish, salt and free navigation on the Dnieper and its tributaries to the Black Sea; The Bakhchisaray Peace Treaty once again redistributed Ukrainian lands among neighboring states and significantly strengthened the position of the Moscow government in the Hetmanate, which led to a gradual increase in national and social oppression of the Ukrainian people in the Left Bank of Ukraine. The treaty was also of great international importance and led to the signing of the "Eternal Peace" in 1686 between the Kingdom of Moscow and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. See also Bakhchisaray Treaty of 1648



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