May 25, 2022

Beorn is a character in JRR Tolkien's The Goblin, or There and There, a man who lives in the Anduin valleys and has the ability to turn into a bear. During the dwarf Thorin and his companions' march to the Lonely Mountain, Beorn receives them at his home and then takes part in the Battle of the Five Armies, where his appearance leads to an escape from the battlefield of the goblin army. He later became the leader of the people known as the Beornings. The image of the character was influenced by Scandinavian mythology and the Anglo-Saxon epic. In particular, Beorn recalls the hero of Bödvar Bjärki and berserkers from Icelandic sagas, as well as Beowulf from the Old English poem of the same name.


The Old English word beorn is known from Anglo-Saxon poetry, where it was used as a synonym for the words "man", "warrior", "leader", "hero", but its original meaning was "bear". The word comes from the common Indo-European root bher - "bright", "brown", "brown", "dark yellow", and its equivalent in Old Norse is the word bjorn, which also means bear. Both meanings of the Old English word are embodied in the image of a character who is a man capable of turning into a bear, which is a characteristic technique for Tolkien's philologically oriented work. Ukrainian researcher Yu. Demyanenko also draws attention to the Old English verb beornan ("burn", "chambers", in modern English was transformed into burn with the same meaning), which corresponds to the image of the character as burning with anger at orcs, wargs and others. evil beings. " Various historical and legendary figures of the Anglo-Saxon period are named after Beorn. The most famous of these is Bjorn the Iron-sided, who, together with his brothers, led the invasion of England in 865 by the Great Pagan Army.


According to the Goblin, Beorn is a tall, stocky man with black hair and a thick black beard. He wears a woolen tank top that reaches to the knees. In animal form, he looks like a giant black bear. Beorn is very inflammatory, has few friends and is ruthless towards his enemies, including goblins. He does not eat meat, but eats mostly honey and cream. Beorn - the only one who has the secret of making special honey