Bondarenko Valentin Vasilyevich


October 25, 2021

Valentin Bondarenko (born February 16, 1937, Kharkiv; born March 23, 1961, in Moscow) was a Soviet fighter pilot and a member of the USSR's first detachment of astronauts.


Valentyn Bondarenko was born in Kharkiv. Father and mother worked in a fur factory From 1944 to 1951 he studied at a seven-year school in Kharkiv. In 1954 he graduated from the men's high school № 93 in Kharkiv, and also graduated from the pilot department of the Kharkiv Regional Aeroclub. In 1954 he entered the Voroshilovgrad Military Aviation School of Pilots (VAUL), in 1955 he was transferred to the Grozny VAUL, and in 1956 he was transferred to the Armavir VAUL, which he graduated in 1957. From December 1957 he served as a senior pilot in the Air Force. 3rd class military pilot, senior lieutenant. On April 28, 1960, he was enrolled as an astronaut at the Air Force Astronaut Training Center as part of the first detachment of Soviet astronauts. He underwent general space training for space flight on the ship "Voskhod". Valentin Bondarenko underwent another training session in the deaf barochamber. At the end of the test he made an irreparable mistake. At the end of the medical tests, he removed the sensors that were attached to his body, wiped the places where the sensors were with alcohol-soaked cotton wool and carelessly threw away this piece of cotton wool. Cotton wool fell on the spiral of a hot electric stove and instantly ignited. In an atmosphere of pure oxygen, the fire quickly spread throughout the chamber. Bondarenko wore a training suit. Due to the large pressure drop, it was impossible to quickly open the deaf chamber. When the camera was opened, Bondarenko was still alive. He was taken to hospital, where doctors fought for his life, but to no avail. Eight hours later, Valentin Bondarenko died of burns. He is buried in the 10th city cemetery in Kharkiv, where his parents lived. Bondarenko was married and had a son. After Bondarenko's death, his wife Anna remained to work in the astronaut training center, his son Alexander became a military pilot. In the Soviet Union, everything related to space was completely secret. Valentyn Bondarenko's death was not announced anywhere, as if such a person did not exist. The first information �

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