British mandate in Palestine


May 19, 2022

The British Mandate in Palestine (also known as the Palestinian Mandate) is a legal document (mandate) of the League of Nations issued to the United Kingdom for the temporary administration of Middle Eastern territories that were part of the Ottoman Empire before World War I. The British mandate included the provinces of Nablus, Acre, southern Syria, southern Beirut, and the Jerusalem region (before the Wise Armistice).


The draft mandate for Palestine was formally approved by the Council of the League of Nations on July 24, 1922, and then supplemented by the Trans-Jordanian Memorandum of September 16, 1922; entered into force on September 29, 1923, after the ratification of the Lausanne Peace Treaty. The mandate ended at midnight on May 14, 1948.

Legal basis

The document was based on the principles enshrined in Article 22 of the Charter of the League of Nations and the San Remo Resolution of 25 April 1920, concluded by the Allies after the First World War. The League of Nations mandate system was designed to govern territories in the Middle East that were part of the Ottoman Empire since the 16th century, "until such time as they are able to stand on their own." The approximate border with the territories under the mandate of France was determined by the Flight - Newk Agreement of December 23, 1920.


After the Battle of Meisaluna in July 1920, Transjordan was no man's land. Britain preferred to avoid joining Transjordan with Palestine before the Cairo meeting in March 1921, where it was decided that the territory would be governed by Abdullah bin Hussein under the Palestinian mandate. The Trans-Jordanian Memorandum abolished the right of Jews to establish settlements in the territory east of the Jordan River. To implement the provisions of the Memorandum, a "Trans-Jordanian Office" was established under the overall leadership of the United Kingdom. Under the agreement of February 20, 1928, Transjordan gained considerable autonomy and later became completely independent under the treaty with Great Britain of March 22, 1946.


On November 29, 1947, shortly before the expiration of the mandate (May 14, 1948), the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 181, which defined further governance in Palestine. Р�