Pavlo Pavlovich Biletskyi-Nosenko


July 5, 2022

Pavlo Pavlovych Biletskyi-Nosenko (born August 16 (27) 1774 (17740827), Pryluky — died June 11 (23) 1856, Pryluky) was a Ukrainian writer, teacher and lexicographer. In the 1830s and 1840s, he compiled a Russian-Ukrainian dictionary called the Dictionary of the Little Russian or Southeast Russian language, compiled according to pronunciation, as spoken in Little and Southern Russia (Russian: Словарь малороссийского или юго-восточнорусского языка..., compiled according to pronunciation, kakim they speak in Malaya and Southern Russia... Unfortunately, Biletsky-Nosenko was never able to print this dictionary during his lifetime and it appeared in print only posthumously in 1966.

Biographical information

He was born on August 16 (August 27) 1774 in the city of Pryluky, Poltava Oblast, in a noble family that came from an ancient Cossack-elderly family. His grandfather George was a Prylut centurion. The lexicographer's father Pavlo died in the war with the Turks. According to family tradition, Pavel Pavlovich was also being prepared for military service. As a five-year-old boy (in 1779), he was sent to the St. Petersburg Noble Land Cadet Corps. After 14 years, he brilliantly completed the course of study and in 1793 was sent to the Katerynoslav hunting corps as a lieutenant. In the fall of 1798, he resigned and returned home to Pryluky. He lived mainly in his estate in the village of Lapyntsy near Pryluk, and for some time also in his wife's estate in the town of Khmelovi, Romen district. In 1801, he was elected a sub-judge in the Prylutsky district zemsky court. Next to that, in the village of Zamosti, in the estate of I. Velichka, he taught a group of noble children. He taught a wide variety of sciences, including Russian, French, German, poetry, rhetoric and aesthetics, geography, natural science, mathematics, geometry, etc. From 1807 to 1809, Pavlo Biletskyi-Nosenko was an assistant to the trustee at the Prylutsky Hospital. In 1810, he became a full-time supervisor of schools in the Prylutsky District, and from 1812 - an honorary supervisor. . He donated all of his full-time salary to the school, and did so for 37 years. He died on June 11 (June 23), 1856. Buried in the village of Lapyntsy.

Creative activity

P. Biletskyi-Nosenko wrote a number of works of art in Ukrainian: 333 fables, 23 fairy tales, 15 ballads, the humorous poem "Horpinida, or captured Proserpina", the dramatic story "