Bilbo Torbin


July 6, 2022

Bilbo Torbin, alternative translations of Bilbo Zlotkins, Bilbo Baggins (eng. Bilbo Baggins) is a hobbit, a character in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. The main character of the fairy tale "The Hobbit" (1937), also mentioned in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" (1954-1955). Uncle Frodo Torbin. Bilbo is the author of the adventure story "The Hobbit, or There and There" and a translator of various works from the Elvish language (according to Tolkien's legend, all stories about Middle-earth are translations from the fictional manuscript "The Red Book of the West End").


According to the author's idea, Bilbo is a rather respectable hobbit from a respected family. Over time, he loses his reputation due to completely indecent (for a respectable hobbit) occupations: he traveled, befriended elves and dwarves, wrote poems. But in the end, he himself did not regret his "lost" reputation at all, especially since his wealth was significantly enriched by the gold brought back from his travels. The first time Bilbo appears in the story "The Hobbit, or There and There", which tells how in the year 2941 TE (Third Era) Gandalf the Gray persuaded him, together with a group of dwarves, under the gun of Thorin Oakenshield, to take for the liberation of the Undermountain Kingdom in Erebor, which was captured by the dragon Smaug. During that campaign, Bilbo repeatedly rescued the dwarves who had hired him, saving them from certain death and prison captivity. At the same time, he acquires his own weapon - the sword Sting, which he later gives to his nephew Frodo.

Bilbo's parents

Bungo Torbin is the father of Bilbo Torbin. A very respectable, conservative hobbit with an impeccable reputation, completely devoid of any quirks and quirks. Briefly mentioned in the book "The Hobbit, or There and There". He was married to Belladonna Tooke, who came from a less respected but more wealthy family. Belladonna Torbin, of the house of Took - mother of Bilbo Torbin, wife of Bungo. The first mention of her is in the book "The Hobbit, or There and There". Belladonna Tooke is one of the three daughters of Old Tooke, the head of the hobbits who lived across the Water, making Bilbo a distant relative of Peregrine Tooke. Gandalf makes special mention of her, contrasting her with Bilbo, who is very similar to his revered father. Bango built for her (partly with her own money) the most luxurious hole, in which she remained until the end of her days, and in which Bilbo later lived. It is often mentioned