Bilinsky Volodymyr Bronislavovych


July 5, 2022

|Ukrcenter |Notes Volodymyr Bronislavovych Bilinskyi (May 18, 1936, Dunaivtsi, Khmelnytskyi Oblast - June 7, 2022) is a Ukrainian publicist, historical researcher, author of the bestsellers "The Land of Moksel, or Moscovia", "Moskva Ordinska" and "Ukraine-Rus".


Volodymyr Bronislavovych Bilinskyi was born on May 18, 1936 in the village of Dunaivtsya in Podilla. In 1959, he graduated from the "Bridges and Tunnels" faculty of the Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Railway Transport Engineers. I went to work in Kazakhstan on assignment. From 1959 to 1996, he lived and worked in Karaganda, where he worked his way up from master to deputy chief of Glavku. He built bridges on the Kazakhstan magnet, on the Irtysh-Karaganda canal, on the mines of the Karaganda coal basin, on all highways and railways in Central Kazakhstan. Under his leadership, bridges were built in Karaganda, Pavlodar, Kokchetav, Temirtau, Dzhezkazgan, Balkhash, Ekibastuz, Shakhtynsk and other cities. Since 1982, he worked in the system of the Ministry of Construction of Kazakhstan in the positions of deputy head of Glavku and chief of Glavku. He was a member of the Board of State Construction of Kazakhstan. In 1999, he returned to Ukraine. Lived in Kyiv. He often visited Ukrainian cities with presentations and lectures, in particular, Ternopil, where he met with citizens, students of schools and universities.

Good work

It was published in the following newspapers: "Literary Ukraine", "Ukrainian Word", "Stolytsia", "Nation and State".


"Country of Moksel" (2002), "The Discovery of Great Russia" (2004), "The country of Moksel, or the discovery of Great Russia" in three books (2006), "The country of Moksel, or Muscovy" in three books (2008), "Moscow Horde" (2011), "Moscow of the Horde. Book two" (2012), "Ukraine-Rus" — "Primitive land." Book one." (2013), "Ukraine-Rus" — "Princes of Galicia-Ostrozki. Book two." (2015) "Ukraine-Rus" — "Ukrainian victory. Book three." (2016)


In 2011, Volodymyr Bilinsky was awarded the Prize named after Volodymyr Bilinskyi for his book "The Land of Moksel, or Muscovy". Ivan Franko in the field of information activities in the nomination "For the best scientific work in the information field".

"The country of Moksel, or Muscovy"

Volodymyr Bilinskyi and his supporters believe that the history of Russia (Muscovy) was falsified for the purpose of exaltation�