Warsaw Process


January 22, 2022

The Warsaw Trials of 1935-1936 were one of the largest lawsuits against the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. It took place in Warsaw from November 18, 1935 to January 13, 1936. All participants in the trial were accused of belonging to the OUN, plotting to assassinate and assassinating Polish Interior Minister Bronislaw Peracki on June 15, 1934. Defendants Stepan Bandera (regional leader of the OUN), 26, student of Lviv Polytechnic; Mykola Lebid, 25, high school graduate; Daria Hnatkivska, 23, high school graduate; Yaroslav Karpynets, 30, student of the University of Cracow; Mykola Klymyshyn, 26, student of the University of Cracow; Bohdan Pidhainy, 31, engineer; Ivan Malyutsa, 25, student of Lviv Polytechnic; Jacob Black, 28, student at the University of Lublin; Eugene Kachmarsky, 25 years old, unfinished high school education; Roman Mygal, 24, student of Lviv University; Kateryna Zarytska, 21, student of Lviv Polytechnic; Yaroslav Rak, 27, lawyer. Representatives of the prosecution were, in particular, the prosecutor of the Warsaw Court of Appeal Kazimierz Rudnicki, also Vladislav Zhelenski. Defenders - Ukrainian lawyers Volodymyr Horbovyi, J. Shlapak, Lev Hankevych, O. Pavenetsky. All defendants except Roman Mygal and most Ukrainian witnesses refused to testify in Polish.


Stepan Bandera, Mykola Lebid and Yaroslav Karpynets were sentenced to death, commuted in connection with the amnesty to life imprisonment, Mykola Klymyshyn and Bohdan Pidhainy - to life imprisonment, Daria Hnatkivska - up to 18, Ivan Malyutsa, Roman Mygal and Yakiv Chorniy - 12, Kateryna Zarytska - 8, Yaroslav Rak and Eugene Kachmarsky - up to 7 years in prison. Since the beginning of World War II and the occupation of Poland, none of the defendants spent time in prison. Roman Mygal died while transporting prisoners. The day of the verdict was announced by the Ukrainian public as a day of national mourning. See also Trials of OUN members The Lviv Process of 1936



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