Palace of Versailles


January 22, 2022

The Palace of Versailles or Versailles (French: Château de Versailles, [vɛʁˈsɑj] or [vɛʁˈsaj], Versailles) is a palace in Versailles, the former residence of the French kings. Built in the style of classicism in 1661-1710 on the site of the castle of Louis XIII (actually absorbing the Old Castle), the New Castle (fr. Château Neuf) together with the huge Gardens of Versailles, Grand and Small Trianon, the Queen's Village form a single palace and park complex. The best French architects of their time worked on the construction of the whole complex together with the gardens - Louis Le Vaux, André Lenotre, Francois d'Orbe, Jules Arduin-Mansard, Gabriel and others. The interior redevelopment and reconstruction of the inner rooms of the Palace of Versailles took place almost all the time while it was the main residence - from May 6, 1682 to October 6, 1789: under kings Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI. The ensemble of Versailles actually became an expression of the ideas of absolute monarchy, when the king's court became the only center of life of the kingdom, and the king practically did not leave it. The idea of ​​order, unity and centralized system expressed through a clear and majestic classical style was to be opposed to the dangers of feudal freedom. To the palace, as to the king - the center of the state, all the main highways of the new city and all the main alleys of the park were to converge. At the same time, the palace complex was to symbolize the power, greatness and wealth of the new France of the era of absolute monarchy. The three avenues leading to the castle were to not only complete the palace perspective, but also to demonstrate achievements in the development of the kingdom's transport system. The mirror gallery was to embody not only new artistic solutions or emphasize the king's greatness, but also to show the high achievements of the kingdom's glass industry. And a large number of fountains in the Garden of Versailles was to demonstrate high technical achievements, especially in the important for the economy of the time hydraulics. Today, the Versailles Castle complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History of the castle

Early history

The first mention of Versailles is recorded in 1038 in the charter of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartres. Among the signatories of the charter was Hugo Versailles. In the tenth century, the territory on which a small village was later located

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