Oatmeal is ordinary


October 28, 2021

Oatmeal, common oatmeal (Avena fatua) is an annual plant of the thin-legged family. A vicious weed that may have limited forage value.


Cereals 30–120 (rarely up to 150) cm high, which form loose turf. Roots up to 1 m long. Stems - erect, bare, green, hollow straws, numbering from 3 to 5 knots. Leaves 10–50 cm long, 3–15 mm wide, dark green, young - twisted, with slightly blocked sheaths, old - rough from short sparse hairs, usually with bare sheaths. The tongue is unevenly toothed, 3-6 mm long. Inflorescence - spreading panicle 10–40 cm long, up to 20 cm wide, consisting of 2–3-flowered spikelets. The flowers are 16–30 mm long and are connected to the axis of the spike by a joint, thanks to which the fruits fall out easily after ripening. Anthers up to 3 mm long. The fruit is a densely clogged grain 7-8 mm long. The number of chromosomes 2n 42. Ecology and distribution Propagated by seeds. It blooms in June-August, pollinated by wind. It is undemanding to soils, and due to its long roots is able to absorb water from considerable depths, so it is considered drought-resistant. In crops of cultivated plants successfully competes for water and suppresses sprouts of other grasses. Can give hybrids with oats, so it significantly impairs the selection productivity of the latter. Distributed in Europe, Asia, North Africa, as an introduced plant - in America and the Southern Hemisphere, grow in the steppes.


Young greens of oats can serve as fodder for cattle, however, as a fodder crop this species is not grown. On the contrary, in agriculture, this plant is considered a vicious weed that clogs crops of cereals, especially wheat and oats. Due to its unpretentiousness, the species easily adapts to new conditions, so it quickly naturalizes in regions outside the main range. In areas such as the invasive species, the oatmeal is subject to extinction.



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