Wikipedia: Wikiproject


October 25, 2021

Wikiproject is a team of contributors who work together to improve Wikipedia. Their contribution is focused on a specific topic (geography, history), part of Wikipedia (templates, categories) or task (photography, patrolling). Can be linked to Wikisource. On the project discussion pages you can discuss various issues, get advice, etc. on the topic of the project. WikiProjects is a collaboration center for Wikipedia editors on specific topics. They are needed to facilitate coordination and organizational work. Project contributors create, track and improve thematic pages and compile relevant lists for this purpose, develop specific criteria, tips for participants, create lists of tools and templates for sharing, evaluate the quality of articles, attract new users. However, WikiProjects require a lot of extra effort and administration, and therefore cannot be temporary or short-lived. WikiProjects do not set generally accepted rules and do not own pages on specific topics, have no special rights or privileges over other contributors, and cannot establish their own preferences for pages. Wikiprojects are fundamentally a social construct, and success depends on the ability to function as a cohesive team working for a common goal. Wikipedia has a large number of Wikiprojects. Some of them are fully active and have a number of active members and even selected coordinators who help Wikiproject to work actively. Some WikiProjects are a little less active, but still exist as a place to collaborate and track work, where interested editors can share ideas and information. Some WikiProjects are completely inactive. If you want to join a WikiProject, you can search for a project of interest to you in the directory - Wikipedia: WikiProjects Council / Catalog. To create a new Wikiproject, you need at least 5 editors to form a team that wants to work on a specific topic. Before you begin, read the guide and try to join any of the existing WikiProjects to understand how they work.

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