Wikipedia: Cultural heritage and prominent figures (2021)


October 25, 2021

"Cultural heritage and outstanding figures" - a competition to fill the Ukrainian-language section of Wikipedia with materials about cultural heritage sites and outstanding figures in the regions of Ukraine. It will take place from October 5 to November 5, 2021. The target audience of the competition is the libraries of Ukraine, although anyone can join. The competition will be held by Wikimedia Ukraine NGO and Library Country Charitable Foundation. On September 27, October 7 and October 19, Wikimedia Ukraine will hold webinars on editing Wikipedia and a contest "Cultural Heritage and Prominent Figures"; register for the webinars at the link.

Theme of the competition

The competition has two focal themes: cultural heritage sites of Ukrainian territories (landmarks such as buildings or complexes, related movable objects, etc.). famous people associated with Ukrainian regions (regardless of their ethnic origin). The competition will cover primarily the regions of Ukraine - but participants can also create articles about Ukrainian ethnic territories outside Ukraine. How to join Sign up for Wikipedia and log in with your account. Create or add a Wikipedia article about the contest from October 5 to November 5, 2021 inclusive. To choose a topic, use the list of offers or choose your own within the general theme of the competition (but pay attention to the rules of Wikipedia, in particular the criteria of significance - not every topic deserves a separate article). Add the hashtag # biblio2021 to the edit description when creating or improving articles to include the entry in the contest. (If you forgot to add a hashtag when creating an article, add it in the next edit or write to the organizers at Bring the quality article to at least the basic requirements. By the end of the competition period, improve the article to increase its rating, and therefore your chances of winning. Repeat the previous steps as often as possible. Nominations and prizes There are three main nominations in the competition - "the greatest contribution", "the best created article" and "the best improved article". "The largest contribution." In this category, three participants are awarded who will make the greatest contribution within the framework of us

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