Wikipedia: Welcome


October 25, 2021

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written jointly by its readers. The principle of Wiki means that anyone, and you too, can edit any article right now, immediately, just click the "edit" button, which is at the top of every Wikipedia article. Reading Wikipedia Wikipedia contains a lot of information about everything. To check this, just go to the main page of the English section and make sure of it by doing a search in English or choosing a topic that you find interesting. And what about the Ukrainian version? Thanks to the efforts of numerous participants, it now contains 1,119,815 articles, most of which (over 70%) are full-fledged encyclopedic articles. According to experts, a large number of articles on the Ukrainian Wikipedia have surpassed their counterparts in the size and quality of the material in such well-known paper encyclopedias as URE, USE, and the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. Ukrainian Wikipedia is now developing rapidly. But it certainly needs even more intensive work of contributors, even more edits to improve its materials, to expand the areas of knowledge covered by it. Following the results of 2006, our language section contains basic articles and the developed structure of categories from the majority of branches of knowledge of mankind. Now you can pay attention directly to the addition and improvement of articles in specific areas. For example, interested users develop such topics as: Ukraine, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry. A huge amount of work has been done, but the process of improvement is known to be endless. You can get acquainted with examples of the best articles of the Ukrainian Wikipedia here: Selected articles, Good articles.


If you think that you have come across an article that does not meet the quality or contains unreliable facts, you can easily change everything you consider necessary. You do not have to be a professor of mathematics to make changes to the article on trigonometric functions. By making useful changes, even adding a few informative sentences, you make the article even better! Selected articles of the Ukrainian Wikipedia are corrected simultaneously by several dozen contributors. Many articles have changed hundreds of times, and from that they become bodies

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