Wikipedia: Project: Thematic week / Acceptance of proposals / 2022


January 22, 2022

Page for selecting new weeks within the project 1. The purpose of the project. The thematic week is designed to organize cooperation and joint work, coordination of efforts, etc. to create new and improve existing articles on specific topics. 2. Proposals / nominations of the Week are put forward here. Each user (hereinafter referred to as the Initiator) can suggest a new topic for the week by creating an appropriate page for cooperation (necessarily with all the information, including planned or desired to create articles). Such a page must contain at least 10-15 articles planned to be created or improved by the Initiator; dates of the Week (required!). The theme of the Week is chosen 1-4 weeks (this is determined by the Initiator) before its planned actual implementation and can be both general and more specific (eg, French Cinema or Romanian Week or even Mechanics). 3. Procedure for approving the Week. The week is held only if the project is supported by at least three users of the Ukrainian Wikipedia (hereinafter the Contributors), who will submit from 15 planned to create or improve articles. The final decision to hold the Week is made based on the results of the discussion by the Initiator and contributors. Participation in the discussion, in particular, proposals for writing / improving articles, ie supporting the nomination, must result in participation in the Week. Prepared suggestions are contained in the category Category: Wikipedia: Project: Thematic week / Suggestions. 4. Duration and frequency of the Week. The length of the Week is initially determined by the Initiator, but can be changed both during the discussion and during it. The general rule is a week that lasts from 1 to 2 calendar weeks. It is not allowed to hold more than 5 weeks at a time. Calendar of Weeks

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