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July 5, 2022

Rationale of the Week: The topic of Christianity and religion is very poorly developed in Wikipedia. Despite the existence of a large number of articles, most of them remain of rather low quality, including many crude translations from the Russian-language Wikipedia. In particular, it is worth reviewing the articles created during Bible Week in 2012. In addition, many articles on the church-administrative system are missing in the Ukrainian-language section. Period: June 6 - July 3, 2022

Table of participants and articles of the week

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Category: Antipopes Category:Unfinished articles about Catholicism Category: Unfinished articles about Orthodoxy Category:Unfinished articles about Protestantism Category:Unfinished articles about Christian religious buildings


Essay on the history of universal councils


Dear colleagues! If you translate from foreign language sections of Wikipedia (automatically or manually), it is advisable to put a similar template on the discussion page of the created article: This will not only allow you to better check the articles you have created, but also preserve the copyright of your colleagues who created the original page. It will also make it easier for original authors to take responsibility for content published on Wikipedia.

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Template: Patriarchs of Jerusalem Template: Patriarchs of Antioch Template: Patriarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch Template: Patriarchs of Alexandria