Gabel Margarita Orestivna


January 22, 2022

Margarita Orestivna Gabel (November 13, 1893–1981) was a Ukrainian literary critic and bibliologist. Candidate of Philological Sciences.


She was born on November 1 (13), 1893 in Kharkiv. Her parents were the populist revolutionaries Orest-Oktovian Martynovych Gabel and Augustyna Stanislavivna Sinkevych, who after serving in exile in the Irkutsk province moved to Kharkiv, where Orest Gabel soon became a member of the Kharkiv Public Library. Margarita was the youngest child in the family, she had four sisters: Lyudmila, Elena, Valeria, Maria and brother Yuri, who later became a famous chemist. Margarita Gabel studied at the private women's gymnasium Pokrovska and Ilyasheva, which she graduated from in 1911 with a gold medal. She remained in the gymnasium in the additional eighth grade, which she graduated the following year with the title of home tutor. She continued her studies at the Faculty of History and Philology of the Kharkiv Higher Women's Courses. In 1916 she graduated from the historical department, and three years later from the verbal department. From 1920 she worked at the newly formed Free Academy of Theoretical Knowledge, and after its liquidation, the following year, at the Kharkiv Institute of Public Education, where she worked as an assistant at the Department of History of Russian Literature and at the same time worked as a librarian. The following year, in addition to the above, she became a graduate student of the Research Department of European Culture. From 1925 she began working as a researcher at two departments - European culture and literature (literary studies). She was a senior lecturer at the Department of Writing and taught the history of Russian and Western European literature. In 1929, Margarita Gabel became an associate professor at the Department of History of Russian Literature. After the disbandment of HINO in 1930, she worked as an associate professor at the Department of History of Literature of the Kharkiv Institute of Vocational Education until its disbandment in 1931. In the same year she became head of the bibliographic library of the Ukrainian Book Chamber. From 1933 she worked at the Kharkiv State Scientific Library

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