Gabel Yuri Orestovich


January 22, 2022

Yuri (Georgy) Orestovich Gabel (November 29 (December 11) 1891, Kharkiv, Russian Empire - March 23, 1949, Kharkiv, USSR) - Soviet Ukrainian scientist, chemist, doctor of chemical sciences (1940), professor (1934). Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry of Kharkiv State University in 1931-1935 and director of the Institute of Chemistry at Kharkiv State University in 1945-1949. Author of the first textbook on heterocyclic compounds. Founder and head of the first and only in the USSR Department of Heterocyclic Compounds. Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry at Kharkiv Medical Institute.


He was born on November 29 (December 11), 1891 in Kharkiv. His parents were the populist revolutionaries Orest-Oktovian Martynovych Gabel and Augustyna Stanislavivna Sinkevych, who after serving in exile in the Irkutsk province moved to Kharkiv, where Orest Gabel soon became a member of the board of the Kharkiv Public Library. Yuri had five sisters: Lyudmila, Elena, Valeria, Maria and Margarita. The youngest of them - Margarita - later became a famous literary critic, researcher of Ivan Turgenev. In 1910 he graduated with a gold medal from the third Kharkiv gymnasium. Another gold medalist of the gymnasium that year was Valery Mezhlauk. Yuri Gabel continued his studies at the Chemical Department of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the Imperial Kharkiv University, graduating in 1914 with a first degree. He began working in the chemical laboratory of the Southern Railways. In 1915 he defended his dissertation on "The effect of light on the electrical conductivity of iodine Mercury in acetone" and was awarded a master's degree in science. In the autumn of the same year he was left for two years without a scholarship at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the University to prepare for a professorship. At the same time he was engaged in public activities, in 1918 he was elected a candidate for the board of the Kharkiv Public Library. He was a lecture assistant to Professor Konstantin Krasusky. At the same time, from 1923 he worked at the Institute of Applied Chemistry, where, at the suggestion of the director of the Institute Ivan Krasusky, he studied the dry distillation of tobacco together with GI Kiprianov. Dos

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