Galician-Russian mother


May 25, 2022

The Galician-Russian Motherland is a cultural and educational society in the Kingdom of Galicia and Vladimir, founded on July 16, 1848 in Lviv. History of activity The main goal of the Galician-Russian Motherland (GRM) was to conduct educational and publishing activities, as well as the development of schooling in western Ukraine. The model for its creation were the "Mothers" of other Slavic peoples, primarily Czechs and Slovaks. Father Mykhailo Kuzemsky became the first head of the GDN. The first book was Adolf Dobriansky's Russian Primer for Schools in Galicia (1848). According to the social composition and socio-political views of the society was diverse. Later, in the 1860s, the leadership of the society fell into the hands of Antoni Petrushevych, Yakov Holovatsky, and Bohdan Didytsky, who expressed ideas of Muscoviteism and denied the existence of the Ukrainian people. GDM's publishing activities were particularly active until the mid-1880s. To date, the society has published more than 80 books, most of which are works of general educational content, works on crafts, agriculture, pedagogy, school lieutenants, among which was "Reader" by Markiyan Shashkevych. The printed organ of the GRM was the Scientific Collection, which was published intermittently and under various names during 1865–1908. The company constantly exchanged products with publishers in Serbia, Slovenia and the Kingdom of Bohemia. 3 The second half of the 1880s, the society gradually declined and finally ceased to exist in the 1930s (according to other sources, ceased operations before the First World War). See also Serbian mother Mother Slovak The mother is Croatian Czech mother



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